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Online Collection and Analysis of Website Data for Retailers and Brands.

Automated collection of data from any website, anywhere in the world.

Track products your way. Identical, comparable, unit differences & more.

Interactive dashboard, dynamic reports, price analysis and much more.

About Price Intelligence

who are we

We are an independent UK business made up of a team of computer scientists from the Universities of Nottingham and Durham with some technical experts that we have added along the way to further enhance our skill sets. We have been working in the online price monitoring market for 14 years, and we service some of the largest household names in UK retail, as well as serving 28 countries globally.

We are technical market leaders in the field of competitor and retailer price monitoring.

Our UK based team build tailored solutions to deliver data to you in the format that you need it – either via our state of the art interactive dashboard or data can be viewed in simple standard or bespoke reports.

what we do

You simply tell us which websites that you would like to monitor, and we collect the data for you on a frequency to suit you (daily, weekly or monthly are standard options).

We collect data from 28 countries globally across all retail sectors, including grocery, cosmetics, pet products, toys, music, printing, photography, DIY & tools, food supplements, cycling, kitchen goods, car accessories, furniture, children’s goods, off-licencing, and travel to name just a few.

Our A.I. backed technology allows us to create product matches automatically where information is available to confirm a match, and our Advanced Match Console allows our customers to manage any manual matching that is required without having to revert to our Technical team. We also give you the flexibility to take into account pack or unit size differences in products – as well as giving you the option to define your own match types – such as identical, comparable or variant matches.

We offer a simple commercial model allowing you to pay on a monthly basis without expensive setup fees – and we are happy to ask you a series of questions to quickly identify the most cost effective and efficient method to get you started.

– A New World and A New Evolving Retail Market

The changes that the whole world has experienced in 2020 are well documented – we have seen a fundamental shift in how people shop, and online retail has provided a perfect vehicle for both convenience and safety.

As a result, we have noticed that our clients, and our contacts have accelerated their focus on online price monitoring, and their own competitive pricing strategy. Price comparison technology has existed for some time now, and we have been fortunate enough at 24 I.S. Price Intelligence to have been told by our clients that we have some of the best price tracking tools in the market that can analyse competitive products and provide market leading competitor price tracking.

Whether clients are interested in marketplace pricing tools, such as an Amazon Price Tracker, or a Google Shopping price monitor, we have the capability to satisfy their needs with our Market Overview Service which will provide a straightforward competitor monitor within those well used portals. We have seen an increase in demand for functionality such as our Amazon Price Monitor which can serve as efficient competitor price tracking software with many competitive pricing examples in just one place.

Our Direct Website Tracking Service will provide the competitor price comparison that so many companies need – and as one client using our service recently told us, using the best competitive pricing tool that they can find, has made a huge difference to their business.

One thing is for sure, competitive pricing intelligence and price monitoring tools are here to stay!

Please call us on 01782 409788 to discuss how we start helping you becoming experts in a competitor price monitor that will give you a key advantage in online price monitoring.

Your Advantage

Increase Sales

Knowing your competitors' prices means you can react quickly to avoid overpricing and beat your competition - price competitively to drive more sales to your store. Informed pricing automatically calculates and recommends pricing levels according to your rules to help you maximise sales.

Increase Margins

You may be leaving margin on the table, we can give you the information you need to adjust your pricing and still be the cheapest amongst your chosen retailers to maximise margins. Informed pricing highlights where you can increase margins whilst still beating the competition.

Save Time

We track, collect, analyse and deliver the information you need about all the products you're interested in across your competitors automatically every day and can alert you to just the information you need, freeing up resource to be deployed more profitably. Spend time acting on information rather than collecting it.

Analyse Competitors

As well as pricing right, you want to know which new products are added to a retailer's website. Which products have they dropped, and when? How big is their range in a particular catagory? How are their prices changing over time? Dynamic queryable reports, interactive charts and downloadable reports for detailed analysis give you the capability you need to see exactly what the retailers you're tracking are up to.

Get Ahead

If being the cheapest supplier in the marketplace is your goal, you need to know what everyone else selling your products is doing. We can deliver the key competitor information reliably and as frequently as you need, we can help you calculate your maximum margins and we can help get you ahead.

Keep Ahead

Getting ahead is only half the battle. Keeping ahead is key to long term growth and profitability. We can continually deliver the information you need to keep monitor your competitors prices and activity to ensure you stay one step ahead.


Whether you are a retailer tracking your competition, or a brand looking to monitor retail prices, we create a straightforward service to provide data to you in the format that you need it. You name the websites that you would like to monitor, we build the bespoke service to suit you.

Yes both. Our activities are split between competitor price tracking and price intelligence services for retailers who would like to monitor the prices of their online sellers.

Data collection is not not just about monitoring prices. We can collect just about anything you see on a webpage - and some things you can't! See the 'Data Collection' box opposite for more details

We partner with a leading retail insight services provider to obtain in-store data according to your requirements. This data can be integrated in our dashboard with the online data we collect to provide a single consolidated view across the retail world. Contact us to learn more about in-store data.

Our customers have the option to access data through our interactive online dashboard – which usually covers 60% of what your clients need. However, we find that our clients have a clear idea of how they would like information to be presented to them, so we are happy to provide output in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet reports in your desired format.

This is an optional service. you can set up a rule-based price intelligence system that can output suggested prices using limits, tolerances and various criteria from the data landscape in order to automate the process of calculating line items every day or every week.

Usually, we bill on a monthly basis with no set up fees and therefore our clients can avoid expensive up front costs.

We are based in Stoke-on-Trent in the UK – we are located very close to the M6 Motorway and to both Stoke and Crewe railway stations. We can offer training at our offices although this is often conducted on customer sites also.

Our customers tell us that our service is technically ahead of the game – not only is the available functionality built into our price monitoring service more advanced that most legacy systems, our clients can quickly gauge that we have first class technical support to aid in problem solving and process improvement.

The system front end itself has been designed by our own people here in the UK, and therefore is constantly being enhanced following customer suggestions and according to our own development roadmap in order to remain a technical leader.

Rather than provide the same data to everybody, our bespoke service seeks to supply information that is “ready to use” to improve efficiency for our clients.

Our experienced and friendly team will gladly talk you through the process at your convenience. You can call us 01782 409788 or you may request a call back at a time to suit via pricesupport@24-is.co.uk

Data Collection

Our standard services collect information either daily, weekly or monthly although we are flexible and can provide a bespoke schedule solution to suit you.

Our online competitor analysis services go a lot further than merely collecting a price – we will also collect product titles, descriptions, promotions, part numbers, stock levels and we can even collect images, in fact if the data is on the page, we should be able to collect it.

Although we're a UK based company, on a daily basis we are retrieving data from 1000s of websites and delivering to customers from all corners of the globe.


Our system gives the client flexibility to make their own matches via our dashboard, in addition to being able to import any existing matches that you have already made with previous systems.

Our advanced in-house expertise built up in the price monitoring industry means that we have an inherent ability to perform extremely efficient product matching that can ultimately result in significant cost savings to our customers.

We allow our clients to define and be flexible with their own match types e.g. identical, comparable or variable – and these methods give your business the flexibility to handle own brand products as you feel appropriate.

Further, we have features within the price monitoring tool that allow you to define pack and/or unit size on products to make comparisons between the size and quantity of items in your pack and that of the competition in order to bring the comparison back to a “like for like” measure.

Can your system import existing product matches?

Yes – if you have used a system before, and already have logged product matches available you can send them to us, and we will import them into the system to reduce your setup time.


Everyone wants something different from the competitor data we collect. Different businesses, different departments within a business and even individual users have different needs. We have a number of standard charts, dynamic query reports and views within the dashboard and standard downloadable reports to satisfy the most common requirements, but the data we collect and store can be re-presented in any way you like.

We offer bespoke export files in any format (e.g. Excel, CSV, XML) to provide data that can either deliver a tailored view of the information optimised to your preferred working format, or a data output shaped to integrate with your internal systems.


Direct Website Tracking

Track your competitors or track your sellers by retrieving information directly from their websites. Full or partial website collection. Full web page data such as detailed specs, promotions, images, etc, tailored to your requirements.

Market Overview Service

Track marketplace websites such as Amazon Marketplace, or Google Shopping and many more, to gain detailed insights into your competitor's products and prices, or see who is selling your products in the wider marketplace.

Direct URL Tracking Service

Simply collect data from specific pages of a website – you provide the URLs, and we collect data from those pages at a frequency to suit you, including multiple times per day. Fully flexible to allow you to add URLs against any website at any time.

Price Automation Module

Dramatically increase your efficiency and reaction times by utilising our rule based suggested pricing system that allows you to set up rules on a product or sets of products, against certain competitors or groups of competitors, to suggest a new price based on any recent changes.

Automated and Manual Matching

Our expertise allows us to create intelligent and accurate matches automatically – and our system even allows the client to either import or create their own matches. Where manual intervention is required, we offer an in-house service where our team can make either identical or comparable matches according to your needs – either as an one-off exercise or on an ongoing basis.

One-off Data Collections

A number of our clients will frequently request a one off full collection of data from a specific website – to perhaps serve as a range check of the competition. Prices available upon request.

Training and Consultancy

Our dashboard is very flexible and intuitive, although we do offer telephone based and onsite training courses to help with education for new staff members. Additionally, our in-house vastly experienced retail industry experts can work with your business on a consultancy basis to ensure you are price competitive and profitable.

Please either call us on 01782 409788 or use the contact form to request a call back at a time to suit, and one of our friendly team will quickly describe the most efficient and cost effective method to satisfy your bespoke data requirements.


Our expertise can be utilised by third party partner companies to collect and display online data for a variety of uses.

We provide a service to a number of market research companies and ecommerce solution providers who have an interest in competitor price monitoring or retailer and product tracking.

Our partners may request ongoing retail data collections for their clients or in some cases one-off website retrievals for range analysis – and our information can be presented as standard via our dashboard or alternatively a report or file output format of your choice.

Additionally, it is also possible to provide a white label solution to partners where we can incorporate the livery of our partners onto our online dashboard. Costs are available on request.

Further Information


Our product set offers technology developed from a clean sheet of paper, fit for purpose and with over 40 man years of experience in delivering competitive intelligence solutions. We believe our results in automated data collection, automated and manual product matching and pricing analysis speak for themselves.

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Retailer Solutions

Our service is bespoke, tailored to your requirements and the range of options within these services is extensive. Trying to apply a one-size-fits-all approach to pricing doesn't work. Our pricing is based on the volume of products we collect or map for you and the frequency of collection and our offering is highly competitive in this field no matter what your volume. Our pricing is transparent and we will provide you with a detailed breakdown based on your individual requirements and through consulation we will guide you to the best value options for your individual needs.

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Brand Solutions

Our Brand Price Intelligence offers a price monitoring and tracking service to manufacturers, distributors and vendors who want to be aware of how their products are being priced in the online world.

  • Protect your brand - ensure you are not being devalued by sellers deviating from your price structures
  • Pinpoint the causes of price deterioration
  • Ensure retailers are taking full advantage of your product range and promotions
  • Reduce conflict between retailers by providing evidence of pricing

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