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Description of Our Services

Our competitor price monitoring and tracking services for retailers broadly come under two headings which are described here, but our service is bespoke, tailored to your requirements and the range of options within these services is extensive. Trying to apply a one-size-fits-all approach to pricing doesn't work. Our pricing is based on the volume of products we collect or map for you and the frequency of collection and our offering is highly competitive in this field no matter what your volume. Our pricing is transparent and we will provide you with a detailed breakdown based on your individual requirements and through consulation we will guide you to the best value options for your individual needs.

The two main services are not mutually exclusive and can either be delivered individually or used together to complement each other. Of course if you don't see a suitable package from the suggestions below, our many options can be bundled together in any combination to tailor a package that exactly meets your requirements. Some of the options are described below the main packages.

Direct Tracking

Automatically track and record data from online competitor websites or brand retailers and view the information in a variety of easy to use charts, reports and data all via our online dashboard.

  • Track data collected directly from named websites - daily, weekly, monthly or as required.
  • Collect any information available on target websites including, price, part codes, descriptions, images and stock levels.
  • Retrieve entire websites, named categories, named brands, or specific URLs.
  • Superbly flexible product mapping capability to cover identical, comparable, variant mapping and more.

Extra Optional Features:

  • Automated Pricing module available on request to efficiently and quickly make price changes to your own website pricing according to a rule based system.
  • Custom built reports to suit the needs of your business, including price alert reports.

direct tracking service
Direct Website Tracking Service - High Level Overview Charts
site overview
  • Instantly view the product range size for each online seller or rival competitor
  • Interactive chart allows you to click and drill down to individual product level for each retailer or competitor
  • Allows your business to assess magnitude of competitive threat posed by each seller
  • View the number of matches created in the system for each seller or competitor
  • Traffic light system instantly shows the scale of how competitive your business is against each seller
  • Hover with mouse for more information and click to drill down to see detailed product level data
match overview
average price
  • Graphical representation of how your average price on matched products compares to that of the average price of each seller or competitor
  • Interactive chart allows you to click and drill down to individual product level for each retailer or competitor
  • Instant overview of your price position against each online seller
  • View the number of price changes recorded in the system for each of your online sellers or competitors
  • Price change information available by clicking down into detail via interactive chart
  • Equivalent charts and detail available for product range changes
match overview
Direct Tracking Service - Price Comparison
  • Product level detail view accessible via interactive charts or online query tool
  • Shows for each product your price, cheapest, highest and average prices of other sellers, plus any cost prices and margin percentages if supplied
  • Ability to automate price calculation and export for offline use
  • Traffic light system on prices to aid ease of analysis of competitiveness for each product
direct tracking service
Direct Tracking Service - Mapping Console
  • Interactive Matching Console for ease of use
  • You define what should be considered a match for your business
  • Superbly flexible system to allow you to tailor your own comparisons allowing identical, comparable, variant and user defined mapping types
direct tracking service
Direct Tracking Service - Historical Price Tracking

  • View price movement for each product by each seller over time
  • Pinpoint trends of price changes for each seller from historical data
  • All price data collected by each product is stored for as long as is required

direct tracking service
Direct Tracking Service - Dashboard Style Excel Reports

  • Standard or bespoke downloadable Excel reports available
  • Provide all of the detail of the collected and matched data presented in the service
  • Allows further offline use of the retrieved data

direct tracking service

  • Data can be directly exported from the dynamic query screens or pre-configured scheduled reports can be delivered by email with a download archive available online

direct tracking service

Market Overview

Automatically collects price and other data on your products from a wide range of sellers through marketplace or comparison engines.

The Price Intelligence Market Overview Service consists of:

  • Automated data collection based on your product set from one or more named comparison engines, such as Google Shopping, Amazon, eBay, PriceSpy etc
  • Instant high level graphical analysis of your products and the market
  • Drill down into fine product detail interactively from each chart
  • Daily collection of results based on your supplied search terms, e.g. barcodes, MPNs, model numbers
  • Online control of your search terms, excluded sellers and fine tune control over individual results
  • Online dashboard access
  • Standard downloadable Excel report included

market overview service
Market Overview Service
Our detailed interface delivers:
  • Interactive query reports, showing price position on individual product lines
  • Price ranges by product from cheapest, through below and above average to most expensive
  • Expandable view to see individual price position on all sellers
  • Export from dashboard ability
  • Downloadable Excel reports available including full breakdown of data collected for offline viewing
market overview service
Market Overview Service - High Level Charts
  • A variety of charts available on demand to quickly assess your market position
  • Graphics show numbers of competitive sellers online of your product set
  • Instantly pinpoint main competition and assess the magnitude of your online rivals
  • User interface allows you to interactively drill down into product detail views to gauge impact of competition
products by seller chart
average category price comparison
  • A high level chart overview of your prices against the online competition
  • Quickly analyse and compare your average price against the average price of your competition for different product sets
  • Interactively hover over graph for more detail and click to visit the detail behind the high level chart
  • View your minor to most frequent online competitor websites for your product set in one graph
  • Learn of direct competitors or sellers that you were not previously aware of
  • Determine which online retailers to focus on when determining your pricing policy
  • Interactively click and drill down to further product level detail for visual comparisons of price by competitors or sellers
seller coverage chart
category overview
  • See which of your categories has the greatest coverage amongst the sellers collected by your search-based scrape.
  • Easily identify which categories to focus on to ensure you are price competitive
  • Hover and click interactively to view line by line detail in each category
Market Overview Service - Detail View
  • View line by line product information by either drilling down from charts, or via our online query tool
  • Our display shows number of sellers, your price, lowest, highest and average price by product
  • Traffic light system for instant visual representation of your price competitiveness
  • Flexible sorting of columns according to your preferences
  • Expandable view on each of your products to assess its position against all of the competition or the price detail amongst the sellers of your brand
market overview service
Filter, Customise and Manage Results
  • Expandable views by product allow you to determine what products and competitors or sellers should be included in your Market Overview Service
  • Traffic light representation of your price competitiveness
  • Yes or No buttons provided for fast and efficient data input
  • Can be updated by client at any time
market overview service
Standard Downloadable Report
  • Downloadable Excel reports available for export
  • Provide all of the detail of the data presented in the service
  • Customised reporting available as an optional extra
direct tracking service
direct tracking service

Service Options

With our Direct Tracking service, automated product mapping on identical products is performed as standard where possible using industry standard identifiers (e.g. barcodes, manufacturer part numbers) or other common part numbers depending upon the competitor. We are constantly looking for new ways to help automate as much of the mapping as possible to give you the widest automated coverage available.

In addition, we are happy to implement a bespoke automated mapping algorithm based on your requirements, so if you know how to identify the correct competitor products to map to your own, we can set up some automated rules to apply.

Another option is to semi-automate the mapping task, by applying a few simple rules we can provide candidate mappings that require a simple confirmation stage for you to approve.

Suitable for: Retailer identical product tracking, large catalogues with industry standard part numbers, specific competitor sites

Where common industry part numbers are not available or not exposed, mapping your products to the equivalent (identical or comparable) competitor products presents a huge challenge. Our Advanced Mapping Console presents the best candidate suggestions across all your competitors in a single view ("multi-site mapping") with a simple tick/cross mechanism to confirm mappings and access to full product specifications with side-by-side comparison. Mappings are permanent once made and we will then perform 'Direct Tracking' on the mapped competitor products. The console is built on top of a powerful linguistic maching engine used by many leading websites, utilising the power of the engine combined with intelligent configuration and extra rules around the product set with the ability to override parameters for the greatest possible control through a single interface.

Years of experience have gone into creating the most advanced tool on the market to make the laborious and tricky job of mapping as simple as possible, delivering dynamic automated suggestions on current data, it can be operated by users with minimal trainig whilst delivering maximum flexibility to tweak the settings for those who need it. The console can be used in a number of different modes, automated or fixed suggestions, deep part number search, product 'catalogue page' comparison and the ability to submit your own suggestions . Mapping is a two stage process, where the second stage can be as simple as a couple of clicks of a mouse, or as involved as you choose to perform supervisory review to ensure quality, enabling multiple users to perform mapping activity but still deliver consistency in results.

A fully managed mapping service is also available from us as an optional extra service. With our fully managed service, we use the same mapping console to deliver the best service available, or if you want to perform your own mapping we give you full access to our tool.

mapping console

Suitable for: Own brand "comparable" product mapping, competitors who don't expose part numbers, mapping variant products (i.e. tracking multiple competitor colour variations of the same product against your single product), areas where only you have the expertise to determine exactly what you want to map

If you don't need product mapping, we can collect and deliver raw data from any target website in a format to suit your requirement. This service is not limited to retail product data collection.

Suitable for: Competitor catalogue visibility, in-house processing, content analysis

You may not always want a full competitor's website collecting. In our experience, it's less common to want a full site and more usual to only need a relevant part of your competitor's range, so we tailor our collection to prevent you from being overwhelmed with data you don't need. We can scrape specified categories, particular brands, top 10 lists, individual products etc. Anything you specify, we build the collection to your needs and we can help you to determine this up front. In addition to keeping your target collection as neat as possible, we also keep your costs down by not collecting unnecessary data.

Suitable for: Identifiable sub-sections of competitor catalogues, frequently changing sections to monitor such as Top 10 bestsellers, brand monitoring, specific URL collection

Once your products are mapped and you are directly tracking your competitor's products, you know how much they are selling their equivalent product for. You know how much you are prepared to sell your item for. With the configuration of some powerful yet easy to set up rules, you can automate the job of dynamically pricing your catalogue. Rules allow you to segment your product set, define your lowest selling price using a number of options and factors, set change tolerances, flag for manual approval, set up time limited promotions in advance, have different rules for different competitors, override suggested price changes and more.

A rule preview feature allows you to set up and test rules to perform a "what if?" analysis on your products and see the effect on your pricing. Various levels of protection ensure your pricing won't be affected adversely and you can control which products are in or out of scope. Price automation is only suitable for the Direct Tracking service.

mapping console

Everyone wants something different from the competitor data we collect. Different businesses, different departments within a business and even individual users have different needs. We have a number of standard charts, dynamic query reports and views within the dashboard and standard downloadable reports to satisfy the most common requirements, but the data we collect and store can be re-presented in any way you like.

We offer bespoke export files in any format (e.g. Excel, CSV, XML) to provide data that can integrate with your systems, we can create tailored Excel reports to deliver exactly the view you need and we can create bespoke charts within the dashboard as optional extra services. Any information we collect plus anything you wish to provide we can merge and report back out.

Suitable for: Specific report requirements, different company department views, third party system integration requirements

Where product mapping is not suitable or practical, e.g. fashion, where products change so quickly they are gone from the shelves by the time you've a mapping exercise is complete, a useful way to monitor the competition is through summary information around their ranges as they relate to your own product categorisation. To achieve this we must still collect detailed product and price information which will still be available to you, but can provide a service to map the competitor products back to your categories for analysis on average price, entry price point, range size, colour options, etc along with bespoke reporting to deliver the analysis you need.

Suitable for: Competitor range visibility within specified categories, brands or across entire sites, intelligence at catalogue and category level rather than individual product price comparison.

Didn't find what you were looking for?

Described above are our service options based on experience of typical online retailers looking for competitive pricing intelligence. Your bespoke solution within one of the two main packages will be constructed from our extensive menu of service options. Let us help by asking the right questions we can guide you to your solution.

We also offer non-pricing based solutions and one-off data collections for more specialised automated web collection/submission requirements. Call for a quote that meets your requirements on 01782 409788 or contact us.